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Monday, May 15, 2006

Yesterday was one of those infrequent days when we had sunshine. I decided to go for a long stroll and took these photos. It's such a pity that the amount of sunshine in this country is so little. Coming from the Canadian province with the most recorded sunshine in Canada, it is terribly disappointing to see so little of it in a country that has such beautiful panoramic views.

This river is within steps of our house. It fills to almost overflowing in the spring when mountain snows melt and rush down to join the meandering streams. With the mountain water comes silt and other debris which makes the river look terribly filthy. However in late spring and early summer the river quiets down and becomes crystal clear. At times you can see the fish being swept along with the force of the currents.

This bridge is for pedestrians only. I have never seen a people do so much walking! The Swiss are almost obsessed with walking the millions of quaint paths that have been constructed especially for their walking pleasure. I've crossed this particular bridge many times since coming here and the surrounding beauty never ceases to make me stop and admire it.

As a returned from my walk, I took this photo of our village. They claim the population is approximately 800, including the surrounding farmers. I wonder if they count the sheep and cows in that number. From my guess there doesn't seem to be more than 400 people in this area. From the cow/sheep worship I have witnessed here, it wouldn't surprise me if they were included in the population numbers. ;o)


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