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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How many people have knit the Pomatomus? 200? Probably more!
So I'm a little slow. Big Deal!
But how many people have done them in a solid colour? I only found 6!
Voila! My Pomatomus in solid luscious lavender yarn called Nizza.
Finished Sept. 21, 2006


Blogger Ariel said...

Those socks are amazing!!! You do very very beautiful work. :-)

Thursday, 21 September, 2006  
Blogger Rachel said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous, you've inspired me!!! I got some pretty turqoise sock yarn from the socks for soldiers group to make leisure socks, and I took one look at it and told hubby that they were begging to be the Pomatomus socks!!!

Thursday, 21 September, 2006  

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