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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is another swap I got myself involved in.
If you're not my SP9 swap pal,
ignore this post.


1. Favorite & least favorite yarn to knit with --- I like anything except cheap acrylic
2. Needle storage -- I have two needle cases for knitting needles and one for sewing needles.
3. Years of knitting & skill level -- 30 yrs. Intermediate (depending on item)
4. No Amazon wish list. If I did, Barbara Walker's books would be on it.
5. Favorite scent for candles & bath products -- Vanilla & "baby powder"
6. I do not have a sweet tooth.
7. Other crafts I do include spindling, crocheting, needlepoint, petit point
8. Music -- no thanks. I have tons already.
9. I like most any colour other than bright gawdy ones. Shades of forest green look the best on me (according to my colour coding chart).
10. Family situation - have one son, one grandson (18 months), and no pets
11. I wear scarves & gloves; No hats, no mittens, no ponchos.
12. Favorite item to knit -- socks & top down raglan pullovers & cardis
13. Knitting right now -- a cardi, socks, slippers, shawl, scarf (which I may frog shortly!)
14. Yes, I like handmade gifts very much, especially unique items
15. Preferred needles -- Circs & DPNs (Addi Turbos)
16. Yes, I own a yarn winder & swift.
17. Oldest UFO was started approx. 3 months ago
18. Favorite holiday - all equally (don't usually celebrate traditional holidays)
19. I don't really collect anything but I love reading so I have many books on every subject & every genre. Never enough books for me!
20. I don't subscribe to knitting magazines. I like Fatto a Mano books for knitting patterns & ideas. I would like to get all of Barbara Walker's books. Regarding yarns, I would love to try Lorna's Laces sock yarns & Hand Maiden sock yarns.
21. New techniques I'd like to learn -- Probably many but can't think of anything at the moment.
22. Yes, I am a sock knitter. My shoe size is 40 European (9 US).
23. Birthday - 26 September


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