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Sunday, November 05, 2006

I absolutely love this yarn! It's 100% Alpaca from Peru and lusciously soft.
This little pouch will serve as a gift wrapping as well as a gift in itself.
It worked up so fast that I'm going to make another. ;-)

My SO has acquired a severe ear infection but refuses to go to the doctor. His old hat was very thin so I knit him this one for his chilly early morning walks with the dog. He insisted the hat had to have a pom pom. I wanted to take a picture with him wearing it but he flat out refused. LOL! This is an old WIP.
I wanted to see how a spindlespun single would work up, and how long it would hold up with wearings & washings.
However, I still haven't finished knitting the mate. One of these days.........
I'm spindling this from 100% merino that is oh so soft! And I've come to the conclusion
that I've spun it too thin for socks. A 2-ply would have been much better.


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