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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gimme your stuff -- a cultural swap!
This looks like a great kind of swap for anything & everything.
I can't even imagine what I'd want. The list could be endless.
I'm willing to swap:
Swiss chocolate -- the best in the world!
Swiss fondue -- for cheese lovers
Swiss herbal tea
Handspun, hand dyed yarn by me -- for those crafty, knitterly, crochet people
Post cards & picture books of Swiss scenes
If there's anything Swiss-related that you're after, I might be able to get it -- Leave a comment and I'll get back to you. :o)


Blogger ambermoggie said...

would love to swap with you:) What would you like from england?

Sunday, 29 July, 2007  
Blogger Susan Foo said...

Hi Ded, i saw your comment on my blog. Of course i'll love to swap with you. Do contact me on my email We can discuss further in details.

Tuesday, 31 July, 2007  
Blogger babs said...

Want to swap? I'm from the USA. Checkout my blog at and let me know. Email me at swapwithbabs @

I look forward to hearing from you!


Wednesday, 08 August, 2007  
Blogger babs said...

thanks for your comment... let me know if you ever change your mind and want to swap in the future!


Wednesday, 08 August, 2007  
Blogger Bettye said...

Hello! I would possibly be interested in doing a swap with you--I am new to GYS and haven't been added yet, however you may take a look at my blog here: to see what I have to offer, right off hand. Please let me know! Thank you so much!

Tuesday, 14 August, 2007  
Blogger Audrey said...

I'm very interested toswap with you girl!
I'm Audrey from France

Friday, 24 August, 2007  
Blogger Ayou said...

Lets swap. I am Ciyou from Malaysia. Here are my swap list -

Do email me if u are interested to

Monday, 17 September, 2007  
Blogger aneez backer said...


Am from India. Please go through this link
If you are interested in swapping, do let me know..we can chalk out the details through emails


Monday, 24 September, 2007  
Blogger Cori and JV said...

Hello! We are a couple from the Philippines and we are very much like to swap with you. Check our profile at If there is any chance that you are interested, just keep us posted. You can also e-mail us at Thanks :)

Monday, 15 October, 2007  
Blogger meryg81 said...

Hello ... Are mery an Italian girl ... Would you swap together?

Wednesday, 31 October, 2007  
Blogger Letter Canyon said...

Hey there, I'm a girl from California, USA and I would LOVE to do a swap with you. Let me know what you think please!

I'm excited to hear from you soon!


Sunday, 25 November, 2007  
Blogger Bunny! said...

Hey there! I'm from Georgia, USA. And I would love to do a swap with you. Here is a link to my blog
or you can send me an email at

Monday, 07 January, 2008  
Blogger Lovie Dovie said...

I would love to swap if you are interested. I live in Florida near the beach and Orlando. You can check out my site or email me if interested.


Monday, 03 March, 2008  
Blogger Toilet Read said...

Hi Deb! I hope you still do swaps. My name's Ericka and I'm from the Philippines. One of my life's dreams is to be able to tour Switzerland. I hope I could swap with you so I could learn more about Switzerland. I read that you're Italian, where in Italy do you live? I visited Rome last November and I couldn't wait to go back. I'll try to send everything that you would like to receive for the swap. We have tons of cute Japanese stuff here in the Philippines, if you're interested in that kind of stuff. I hope you could still swap with me. Take care and hope to hear from you.

Wednesday, 21 May, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! My name is Angel. I live in Arizona, USA on USA and Mexico Border. Let me know if you're interested in a swap.


Saturday, 07 June, 2008  
Blogger Dat said...

Hello there! My name is Kathryn and I'm from Pennsylvania in the USA. I was wondering if you'd like to swap? :)

Check out my swapping blog:
or you can email me at:
datturra @ gmail . com

Hope to hear from you soon!

Wednesday, 23 July, 2008  
Blogger Pen On Paper said...

i would love to swap with you!!
i live in washington, dc, but i am originally from tennessee.
if you are interested, please email me at

i would love to hear from you!

Monday, 22 September, 2008  
Blogger xB0B0 said...

hi im from singapore. i would like to swap with you. please visit my blog at ^^

Sunday, 12 October, 2008  
Blogger Patita said...

Hello! My name is Patricia and I'm a Mexican-American. I came across your blog about swapping and I'd LOVE to do one with you. Here is my blog so you can see what I can offer I can pretty much offer anything within reason from the USA and Mexico. I'm very responsible and will follow through with a swap. I hope you're having a great day and hope to hear from you soon! Patricia

Sunday, 26 October, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello,Im Fiona from Singapore.
I just saw your gimme your stuff page & I was thinking that would you like to swap with me?
If you would like,visit my blog


Wednesday, 10 December, 2008  
Blogger kuuipo said...

I am living in Hawaii, United States. We have wounderful coffee and candies. Sea shells and coral, wounderful art, glassware, Clothing you can not find else where Just email me back to let me know.

Friday, 13 February, 2009  
Blogger Molly said...

It looks like a lot of people are already interested and have asked, but if you want, I would love to swap with you. There's nothing really in particular I'm hoping for, just cultural stuff.
if you're interested check out my blog about GYS at
Thanks and I hope to hear from you!
P.S. I'm from the U.S. -- Ohio actually.

Saturday, 07 March, 2009  
Blogger Lycia; said...

Hey, i'm from Singapore. Got tons to offer such as magazines, jewellery and scrapbooking material and more!! i would love to receive swiss postcards and your own art and craft :)

Hope i'm not too late. :)

Tuesday, 22 June, 2010  
Blogger Angeline Bowman said...

Hi, I'd love to swap with you. :) I would love to swap for Swiss chocolate, fondue, your hand spun/hand dyed yarn, and anything else uniquely Swiss!
I'm from Canada. I have some antique knitting patterns, various craft supplies, LUSH bath products, and baby clothes. What would you like from Canada?
My email is:

Tuesday, 06 July, 2010  
Blogger Jess said...

Hey there! I'd love to swap if I'm not too late. I run a food blog and would love to get some interesting and strangely flavored foods. In return, I can offer some neat Massachusetts trinkets and crafts!


Wednesday, 28 July, 2010  

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