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Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm still on a 'stash busting' expedition and wanted to use up some of my practice handspun. It seemed a shame to just toss it in the trash when there must be
something I could make with it even though it was unevenly spun & too tightly plied.
I knew I couldn't knit an article of clothing because this handspun was really horrible!
After much contemplation, I decided on a tote to porter around my small knitting projects.
The yarn was all about worsted weight thickness so I cast on 80 sts and knit stockinette stitch in the round for about 1.5 inches. Then I knit a round of K2tog, YO for the I-cord eyelets. Then I knit till the yarn was basically all used up except for about 2 feet. I kitchenered the halves together to close the bottom.

I had some other scrap yarn laying around that I used for the I-cord. I didn't want it very long but long enough to sling over my shoulder if need be.

I've had some very old cowboy shirts sitting in my fabric stash for a long time so I pulled one out. After I measured the tote, I cut a piece of fabric large enough to have a double thickness liner (the shirt was thin!). Then I sewed it into a rectangular pouch a tad smaller than the tote. I stitched the top of the liner into the tote with yarn.
The pockets on that cowboy shirt were so cute that I decided to add one to the inside of my tote for holding all sorts of small knitting accessories. Since the pocket was already complete, I needed only to stitch the top of the pocket to the liner.

This morning I threw my sock knitting in the tote and off we went on our Saturday morning grocery shopping spree. I knit happily in the car while the 'chauffeur' portered us to a mall 40 minutes away.

The tote is a perfect size. It fit nicely beside my feet in the car. The yarn never once got tangled. And, upon returning home, the I-cord stayed firmly in place on my shoulder while I carried bags of groceries into the house. :o)


Blogger Dandy said...

thats a great little bag!!

Saturday, 04 August, 2007  
Blogger ambermoggie said...

I like that idea:)
amber in england

Saturday, 04 August, 2007  
Blogger Ariel said...

Too cute and very creative. :-)

Monday, 06 August, 2007  

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