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Saturday, August 04, 2007

We took a cruise on the motorcycle to the

Walensee. It's a long beautiful lake

with very panoramic views.

Then we went to the tiny Principality of Lichtenstein.
The capital, and only city, is Vaduz.

This is the home of the recent Prince of Lichtenstein. Sadly but understandably, the castle interior is not accessible to the public.

We crossed the border from Lichtenstein into Austria when

our stomachs started growling.

The first city we came to was Feldkirch. It looked very Austrian and very charming. Our stomachs were speaking louder now so we set out to find a place to eat. We liked the look of this glassed-in restaurant but the prices were way out of our league! Instead we grabbed some take-out at a quaint terraced restaurant, parked ourselves under an umbrella, and pigged out. We ordered one strawberry shortcake for dessert, which we shared (neither of us need more padding!) ;o)

Then we toured around on foot for about an hour.

Katzenturm (Cat Tower)

The eight-story high, round building was established during the town fortification in 1491-1507 under the Emperor Maximilian I. In the 17th century the bell tower was built for the biggest bell in Vorarlberg province, however today only the fourth bell is attached.The tower was decorated with a madonna, which was restored by Florus Scheel in the 19th century. Why it was originally called the Cat tower hasn't really been discovered. There is a theory saying that cat heads had been attached to the canons of the original fortified tower and had been used to aim at the enemy.

This is Schattenburg Castle built in the early 1200s. It was the seat for the Counts of Monfort.


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