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Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007
Last projects cast on .....
Socks for my son.
The colour is very navy although my camera refuses to acknowledge that.
I dug out Knitting Vintage Socks and glanced through for a masculine design. I found the Gentleman's Fancy Sock and considered following the pattern exactly as written. The thing it, I don't like to do that so I changed it just a bit. Instead of knitting two rounds between the rib columns, I'm purling one round. My ribbing design is K3, P1 for 9 rows, then purl one round, then move the ribbing over so that the P1 from last rib section falls in the middle of the K3. Confusing? Probably because my description is not adequate. Knitting it is easy; writing out the process .... Well, that's another thing altogether. Hah!

This, we hope, will be the Minimalist Cardigan from IK Fall 2007. The yarn I'm using, Jojoland Wool, is really too thin for this project so I'm compensating by knitting a larger size than would normally fit me. It's producing a thin fabric which I'm kind of liking. I could definitely use a light weight cardigan and I have NEVER knit a red article of clothing. There's nothing better than new experiences! ;o)


Blogger TheBlackSheep said...

Navy socks? You are a braver soul than me. I thought the green was bad enough.

The cardigan looks like it has quite an interesting stitch pattern. Can't wait to see it finished.

Friday, 05 October, 2007  
Blogger Ariel said...

The cardigan looks like it'll be terrific in that color. :-)

Happy Knitting!!

Friday, 05 October, 2007  
Blogger Dandy said...

that didn't take you long to cast on something from the

they both look great!!

Friday, 05 October, 2007  
Blogger Yarn Devil said...

Hey, Your sockies look fun! Very nice pattern for a guy. The cardi looks interesting too... will be fun to see it done :)

Saturday, 06 October, 2007  

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