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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Here is my amarylis. The flower stem is 90 cm tall. Each of the four flowers are 19 cm in diameter. As you see, there is another flower stem growing, so we'll see how tall that one will be and how large the flowers.

Here are my orchids.
The one on the left is
a Cambria; on the right is a Phalaenopsis. They sit in my kitchen window and great me every morning with their beauty while asking little care other than water once a week.

Here we have a top down raglan that I just finished last evening. It was an easy knit. However there are a few things that I don't like about it. My main objection is totally my own fault - the sleeves are about 1.5 inches too short. My personal preference is to have the sleeve ribbing cover the top of my hand. That's what you get for being in a rush to finish! My second objection is the neck -- it's too high. My next attempt at this sweater will have some increases in the front neck to make it lower. The way this sweater was knit, you can't tell the front from the back since both are equal. I embroidered flowers down the top right front to distinguish front from back... uh... actually, I embroidered the flowers to cover up the bulge that was created when I changed colours but it feels better to say that I did it for aesthetics. ;-)

In fact, I used the 'jogless jog' technique to change colours, which worked very well. However, instead of cutting and reattaching the yarn each time I changed colours, I decided to carry it along by twisting it before beginning the next new row. BIG mistake! That's what created the bulge. All in all, I learned a lot while making this sweater which, I'm happy to say, cost mere pennies. The off-white yarn was bought at Walmart - Red Heart Comfort 1000 gram ball for 12 dollars Canadian; the red varigated yarn (double strand of double knitting acrylic) was from a box of assorted yarns I won on ebay ... again for mere pennies. So, all in all, this sweater cost approx 5 dollars Canadian to make. And, I will wear it for sure because it's comfortable and very warm.