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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I wanted a blue tank and couldn't find a pattern I liked so I hatched an idea in my little head and Voila, here's the progress & finished tank. It fits me to a T, exactly how it did in my mind's eye. ;)

I used almost 4 balls of yarn (label above) and it was wonderful to knit with. Too bad this colour is discontinued.

I wanted it to have waist shaping and to accomodate my hippo hips. I wanted a very delicate lace pattern to run down one side of it. I wanted narrow shoulder straps but enough to cover my bra straps. Most of all I wanted it to be comfy, cool, and just a little sexy. ;)

I started out by taking my body measurements and knitting up a swatch with the yarn. After doing the math (the worst part of knitting anything from an idea), I cast on. After that is was a breeze. In fact, I might knit up another one from another idea I have hatching in my head. ;)

Now, if only I could replace the rest of my body, I'd be dancin' in the streets. ;)