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Friday, May 05, 2006

My latest adventure in fiber arts.


Sunday, April 30, 2006

I belong to the Yahoo Six Sox a year group. The sock design for April/May is called Sixth Sense because the pattern is 6 sts x 6 rows and was designed by Susan Pierce Lawrence. It was a fun sock to knit and I really enjoyed doing the short row heel, which I had never done before. Since the cuff length is left to personal preference, I decided to make mine short.

I made my grandson a pair from the leftover yarn and because the design was quite easy.

Then I decided to do another pair!! I had some yarn I wasn't quite sure what to do with and there wasn't enough to make a larger project. For these socks I decided to work both the heel and toe in stockinette stitch. Since I love the short row heel, I did it again. It's so much easier than picking up those gusset stitches. This yarn is acrylic and rayon so I don't know how well it will wash but I loved the colours for these socks.


Here is my gorgeous grandson wearing a top down raglan sweater that I knit for him. Now that summer is on the way, he won't get much use out of it, and by next fall and winter he will have outgrown it. So...... that gives me great pleasure and good reason to make him another larger one for next year. ;-)

I needed something small to stash all the needles I use for sewing together knitted or crocheted projects. I decided to use a heart pattern that was initially designed to be a dishcloth. I made two of them out of 100% wool and connected them with a just a few stitches at the top of the 'humps'. Then I threw it in the washing machine and left it for about an hour until I decided it was about the right size. When it was thoroughly dry, which took about 1.5 days, I zig zagged a piece of fabric in the inside where I had first attached a couple pieces of elastic. I then zig zagged it again around the outside and ...
Voila!! a case for my sewing needles, needle threaders and a few safety pins.

I decided to try my hand at felted slippers. When I saw the size of them before felting, I almost died from laughter. What monsters!!

But after leaving them in the washing machine for an hour, they came out just the right size. Absolutely amazing that felting process! I've put the same sock in the 'before' and 'after' pictures to show how enormous the slippers were and how well-fitted they became after felting.