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Thursday, July 12, 2007

This orchid has bloomed so much these past 3 yrs that I thought it was on its last leg but it sure fooled me. Even though only one branch has budded out, I have a feeling there will be others before long.

Hard to believe this violet was only a tiny leaf in a styrofoam cup of soil just one year ago. I snipped it from the doctor's office. Shhhhh, don't tell. ;) Two plants grew from that little leaf. I transplanted them in seperate pots about 4 months ago. After that they just took off! I gifted one to a friend when it was loaded with buds. She has it on display in the centre of her kitchen table and tells me that there are new buds continuously pushing forth as is the case with this one.

On the knitting front, there's not much to show other than this:

More stash busting yarn ... Patons 'Grace'

Terrible dark picture, I know, but just to show the cute little 'hole' in the back of the tank.